Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Adieu Mr.Woolmer!!!

The death of Bob Woolmer, coach of Pakistam Cricket team, is being considered suspicious by the investigating officers of Jamaican police. This is quite an unfortunate end to one of the most respected coaches in cricket world. I hate to think that some one has killed him because Pakistan crashed out of this world cup, after all this is only a sport, something which should be more of a timepass.

Even though my heart wants to think that his death was because of some natural cause, the stories coming in the media are saying otherwise. I am sure he was a strong person and is not meek enough to commit suicide. So the remaining option is that he was murdered, which is sending shivers down my spine!

He was merely a professional coach who was doing his job with utmost sincierity. If some mad cricket fan has committed this crime, then that is the worst thing ever to have happened in a sports field...

I was quite shocked when I heard that a fan of Steffi Graf stabbed Monica Seles. Another such instance was the death of Andreas Escobar, the Colombian footballer who was shot dead because he scored a self goal which lead to the ouster of Colombia from football world cup.

If not to this extend, I heard people wrecking havoc in Mahendra Dhoni's house and all. I don't think true lovers of sport can resort to such acts of vandalism. Burning effigies and all are fine, but hurting the families of these sportmen are unpardonable. As Rahul Dravid rightly pointed out, they do have their right to live peacefully in this country.

I just pray to god to give sense to these people to understand that sports is meant for fun and it is nothing more than that. I am really sorry for Bob Woolmer. May his soul rest in peace!!!