Thursday, July 26, 2007

Two Letters!!!

When Khrushchev was sacked, he gave his successor two letters.

Khrushchev told him, "When you get in a tight spot with not knowing what to do, open the first envelope and follow the instructions you find in that letter. And if you find yourselves in such a situation again, then open the second envelope, and follow the instructions in it."

And it was not long before the successor found himself in his first leadership crisis. And he opened the first envelope as told by Khrushchev. It read, "Blame everything on me." He did it and behold, everything was fine and he was able to save his face...

After some time he found himself in another jam. So he opened the second envelope. The instructions in that letter went like this, "Sit down and write two letters..."

Superb, right?

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