Saturday, October 25, 2008

Best of American Elections!!!

Presidential elections in United States of America is a very complex and ellaborate exercise! Firstly, it involes elections in all states to elect the candidates of both the 'concerned' parties, the Republicans and the Democrats a.k.a The elephants and The Donkeys in that order. Or is it the other way round? I am not sure! whatever!!!

OK, and it is not just the votes that they recieve from party members that count, but also the amount that they are able to raise through various means for the elections expenses. After this marathon process, compared to the sprint version in India, the parties decide who is going to be their presidential candidate! To cut the long story short, people lose interest by the time the real election comes!!!

Senators Barack Obama and John McCain are this year's candidates and McCain has his vice presidential candidate as Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska!

Now, below are a few clippings from a TV show called Saturday Night Live (SNL) from NBC. (Courtesy NBC). See how they are making fun of Governor Sarah Palin and how she is taking it all in sportingly! Lets have some fun!!!

Governor Palin had an interview in which she made some supposedly 'stupid' comments which has been targetted in this video. Tina Fey, who is as good as it gets in terms of brain and beauty, enacts Governor Palin and Amy Poehler enacts the journalist.

Wasn't that funny???

Now below is another video with Governor Palin and Senator Hillary Clinton! The same kick ass duo of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler!

After all this, Governor Sarah Palin had the grace (Lack of grey cells, envious people say) to come to NBC and have a few cracks herself! See below!!

And here is an absolute cracker of Rap song by Amy Poehler in front of Governor Palin and about her! See how gracefully the Governor handles it. If not for anything else other than her beauty, she should be congratulated for this daring! See it for yourself!

This has been the best part of US Presidential elections for me! Thanks to the Gorgeous Governor Palin, Fantastic Tina Fey (Who proved that beauty and brains can co-exist! She is the writer directory of comedy series "30ROCK") and 'Hillaryous' Amy Poehler(She is almost ready to have a dash to Labour Room!)...

Adding the one with Senator McCain! Can't believe someone who is running for the most powerful position in the world has the willingness and courage to act like this!


Dony said...

after watching intelligent debates of presidential candidates, Palin interviews and SNL parodies complete your US election experience..
also we came to know that Kerala is not the only place in the world mimicking politicians...
hope you have seen Matt Damon concerns on Palin..

Arun Jose Francis said...

Yeah! :-)

I am just loving it, waiting to see what they are cooking up next in SNL! :-)

I haven't seen the Matt Damon ones yet though, let me go and check! :-)

Arun Jose Francis said...

Just saw the Matt Damon interview, he is correct! There are chances of that! OMG!

Sarah Palin's interviews remind me of my "Meet the press" in college, where I had to blabber since I had no clue about the policies of Nalakathu Soopi! :-)

Alameen said...

Not much across the US campaign.. But still Palin blunders are discussed much in town..

TeleRaviRays said...

Here' one more...

Arun Jose Francis said...

Al, so even in Australia Sarah Palin is famous, eh?

Thanks Ravi, I have added the new one! :-)