Tuesday, March 24, 2009

IPL - Indian Political League?

For god's sake, please don't mix politics also with cricket!

IPL, as rightly pointed out by our Home Minister, is already a good mix of Cricket and Business. It even has glamour quotient added by all the business minded Bollywood stars. Why do we need to bring in Politics also into it?

Even someone as prominent as BCCI President did not have to try and take political mileage out of this!

I, for one, will always stand by the decision of Home Minister as Elections are more important for us, rather than holding IPL. And I am sure the security forces would have found it very very difficult to cope with both of these at the same time.

And, if some unfortunate incident was to happen during the elections/IPL because of the lack of proper security, all blame would have come to Home ministry and the security forces. None of these IPL stakeholders would be willing to take the blame! More than this blame game, it would have virtually killed this golden egg laying goose!

And, the worst thing about this is that, even the IPL administrators know about this. If a layman like me can think like this, I am sure those people have considered all this. And they smartly decided to hold it outside India. But, there are not only smart, they are crooked. That's why they are trying to gain political mileage out of this!

I hope that the common man is smart enough to see through their hidden agenda's and realize that Election is of primary importance than anything else at this point of time! It would be a shame is some people vote based on this incident!

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TeleRaviRays said...

Good point, my friend. It would be detrimental if the nation's attention is turned away from the elections at such a critical juncture, especially since the youth will be the vote swingers this year. Hopefully, holding IPL in SA will reduce the brouhaha. Loss of business is secondary to national interest.