Friday, May 15, 2009

We Will Survive!

Gloria Gaynor made the song "I Will Survive" immortal with the kind of energy and decisive rendition which takes us listeners to a different level. The theme of this song was a resolute reply to the boyfriend who left her for good.

There are a lot of times when we find human resolve and spirit triumph over the widespread gloom and shadow of misery.

Indian public has spoken and has come out strongly saying that we will not go down without a fight and that we will survive.

Democracy has got a shot in it's arm amidst the chaos through out the Indian subcontinent. Nepal, Pakistan and Srilanka are all experiencing internal turmoil and it would have been disastrous for the region in case Indian public had gone for a hung parliament.

Through out this great ballad of democracy, the only prayer from me was to have a good, stable government and the people of India has for once granted my wish. This could be a government that could go the distance and hopefully will bring about lots and lots of positive reforms which will help us prosper. I hope that the prosperity comes for urban as well as rural population.

Dr.Manmohan Singh, now there is no one to put shackles on your plans, so keep the reforms going and take India to more than what it can achieve...

Cheers India, I am really proud to be a part of this great country!!!


Dony said...

I share your optimism that this government will bring prosperity to India like we have never seen.
Stable government in Kerala does nothing. But the government at the center is different. It is packed with highly educated, incorruptible(some of them) and smart ministers.
My hopes are high:) as each government starts its reign..

Nasrajan said...

It was indeed a thrilling experience, watching the election results :-) Hopes are really high in the air. More than the fact that the UPA got the majority, it is the new "projected" face of the party that gives us hope. Hope they will keep up to the expectations.

Good read, and great points :-)

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Blogger with a difference said...

thank you for your comment!

Alameen said...

It's going good even today.. the expected growth for the current year is 9.7%.

Go India Go..

Arun Jose Francis said...

Yep, just one regret that Govt is not able to do something more about the Kashmir issue...

ratheeshpg said...

Govt. didn't gave the things which people want...