Saturday, November 15, 2008

Yes, We Can!!!

No, I am not talking about Barack Obama or what African-American people can do! It is not yet time to say anything about him, let's wait for a couple more of years and then we will talk about him...

I am talking about us Indians, to be precise, a band of highly intelligent and hardworking guys who has made us proud. Yes, I am talking about the space scientists of India, the ISRO and VSSC guys!

Chandrayaan-1 has finally reached lunar orbit to start a two year mission where it will gather a lot of scientific data about Moon, which in a not too distant future could be the next step of Space Tourism! And, as a first main objective Chandrayaan-1 has created a small footmark on Moon's surface on behalf of India with the Moon Impact Probe (MIP) and through which it has delivered Tricolor to Moon.

MIP impact probe has sent the video and pictures of moon that it took on it's 25 minutes journey from Chandrayaan-1 to the surface of moon. The impact at 1.6 KM per second destroyed MIP, as expected, but below is one of the photos of surface of Moon taken by this 100% indegenous space misson!

Bravo, guys and god bless you all! You have made us Proud!!!


അങ്കിള്‍ said...

A proud day for us, Indians.

Arun Jose Francis said...

absolutely, Uncle! Thanks for the visit and comment! :-)

HowYouDoin' said...

proud day for us..