Thursday, January 01, 2009

A New Year Wish!!!

You know what, I wanted to write another blog and post it just before the end of 2008. And it was mostly because of couple of news items that I saw today which triggered the following thoughts! And I felt it would be apt that this post comes before the end of 2008:

1) "What more proof does Pakistan need before handing over the non-state actors to Indian Judiciary even after Kasab's father acknowledged that Kasab was his son" - Honourable Defense Minister P.Chidambaram

2) "Dhoni's family gets extortion letter from D' Company. He asks for additional security" - The Times of India.

Two completely different stories, we might initially think. But, there is a far more deeper connection to this than the obvious 'D' word, if we can spare ourselves to reflect a bit more deeply.

My immediate questions are as given below:

1) Is Dawood and LeT the only threats to the peaceful being of our people?

2) Just by taking Dawood to trial, are we going to put a complete stop to these extortions, drug mafia, bomb blasts from happening in the future?

3) When we are talking about dismantling the terrorist hideouts/training centers in PoK, when are we going to dismantle the Underworld that has been eating into the lives of millions across our country? I am sure it is not going to crumble after Dawood. But, we should cripple him by tearing his network in our country apart.

Well, I think we, including our politicians, ought to take a deeper look at these issues and come up with a solution which can answer the above questions!

I am sure this can be achieved. But for that we need a new Iron Man for India. I just wish from the bottom of my heart and pray to lord to give me one great leader who thinks of national interest above himself and his party's interest and is strong willed to carry out whatever it takes!

But, if it is not going to happen anytime soon, then let's suffer, fight and survive if we have to, until our piedpiper comes and leads us into a peaceful tomorrow!

I wish all of us Indians a very happy and peaceful new year!!!

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HowYouDoin' said...

Happy New Year man. Whatever that is eating into our country can be stopped only when the power people act like responsible citizens. I `m not trying to say to say that its their duty and not mine to clean up the country, but thats a fact that we have to accept. What I can do is, spread the message :)